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Love never hurt anyone by Jaegerofice Love never hurt anyone :iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 1 0
Mature content
Beer Meister and Vodkaman New faces 2 :iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 4
Mature content
Beer Meister and Vodkaman and new faces :iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 1 10
3012: crew chatter
"This is Ilmatar space control to 50-NIC. State your purpose, ships call sing and origin."
As Kate is about to answer Marcus and Lauri enter the cockpit, and is interrupted by them.
"Seems that your home has still same level of bureaucracy as before. But wasn't that Tiina on the speaker," Marcus says as soon as the speaker had finished.
"Very funny. In your home world we'd have had a five hour line to even get in the system and she could very well be on the other side, I haven't been here in years so I have no idea what the old gang is up to," Lauri answers with a smile.
"Will you two shut up so we can get on with this!" Kate yells and turns back to the communicator noticing the line still being open "Oh, terribly sorry about that ma'am. This is Ladybug from Nova Louisiana. We are here to trade various commodities, mainly wine and fruits from Charlemagne."
"Copy that Ladybug, you are free to make contact at 6th docking bay, the stations auto pilot will take over as you get closer. Prep
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Mature content
Beer Meister and Vodkaman :iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 2
-My flames will dance, in the form of lance. So make my foe tame, spirit of...
The incantation is interrupted by bright flash of light and yell.
-Light lance!
The flash of light hits the caster, who is thrown to his back by the fore of the blow.
-Still too slow Magnus. I’ve told you before that you should try either shorter chants or try to say them faster. You leave way too many openings for any one, who isn’t a fellow sorcerer.
The man carries spear and shield with him and walks slowly to his opponent, who is now taking deep breaths and laying still.
-But when we get those spells through few can stand still afterwards. Though that is why you use a shield and armor, isn’t it so Thomas?
-Pretty much, but then again I change my equipment based on who I am facing.
Thomas reaches his hand towards still laying Magnus, who takes it and gets pulled back up.
-Next time it’s my turn to win.
-I have my doubts for that. But who is my next challenger?
Suddenly a third voic
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 2
Mousillon Maulers by Jaegerofice Mousillon Maulers :iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 1 0
"Lauri you should have at least warned that the lanes are of those old fashioned single way going." Conrad says followed by an annoyed curse
"What are talking about, that was among the first lines to switch for the current type..." Lauri pauses for a moment
"Marcus, fire the engine up. Kate, Conrad! Continue trying to get through. It's a raider trick!" Lauri yells and leaps trough the hatch connecting his fighter to the transport.
Within few seconds two fighters separate from the transport, despite Kate's questions and Conrad's mockery, neither Marcus or Lauri answer but concentrate on scanning the surrounding space at longer range than previously.
"No time to explain, transmit warning of potential raider activity."
"It's not just potential Lauri, I found them. Direction 263,302 from home marker."
"All right we'll intercept them before they get too close. Get ready for a fight!" Lauri yells with excitement as he turns his fighter towards the given coordinates.
"So boss seems like w
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 2
Game day
"Blood for the Blood God!" T yells triupanthly
"Grim luck lottery." A says
"Figures T would win, after he lives there." S points Troll Country in the game board
"Oh, come on! I serve the king and lady of the lake from Bretonnia, when I'm not in grim future waking from acient sluber." T grins at the previous comment
"It took half the game to figure out what I was supposed to do." F sights
"We told you the means to win, but I have to thank you for keeping Tzeenzh in check for me, I was free to beat S and his Slaneesh around at free."
"Yeah  you two took good care at each others but more pressure on T and Khorne would've been better." S grubles as he starts the clear the game board
"F you also were so intrested in harassing my game it was unlogical at the point when T was having adfvantage." A starts giving his usual post game commentary
"Actually it was logical, but since it is womans logic we can't understand it"
Every one bursts in laughter and T feels a punch in his arm, tur
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 5
Berserker song
I'm a berserker and I'm ok.
I sleep all night and fight all day
I pray my gods, I fight some more
I go kick their arse
On thursdays I go raiding
and get an axe for free
I pray my gods, I hack and slash,
I like to cut some heads,
I steal their woman folk,
and drink a mug of mead
I pray my gods, I wear no clothes
but in loin and shoes
I wish for more glory
Also guts and blood
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 3 8
"Good morning guys. We've finally arrived in Ilmatar-system, in 5 minutes and we'll be able to connect with lanes, so keep an eye out on locals, cops and pirates alike."
"Kate, I'll say this once more. We are not carrying anything that is illegal in this sector so we do not have to worry about the locals that much. Besides our Hedgehog should be able to take care of any hostiles this backwater system has and then we have those two tagging along."
"I take offence to that Conrad. My kin may not be at the peak of technological advances in spaceflight but we can kick your asses in most other fields."
"Oh, I knew that you'd take offence to that. And I also know that this isn't the least advanced colony. But just few weeks ago we were in Charlemagne. Even you have to admit that in comparison of the high culture they have there, you do not stand a change."
"Knock it out guys. Lauri, Marcus, do you pick up any other ships in your radars?"
"Another convoy coming after us, the ones we passed jus
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 1 2
War Eternal
In the age long forgotten, I ride with the Knights of the Old World for the King and Lady.
In time of great flames that engulfed the planet, I march forward for Motherland.
In near future, I lead a squad of powerful warriors of faith.
But when we reach far distant future all this has been forgotten, so once again I rise up and search for battle as an Immortal.
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 4 9
Secrets of the world ch1
I am running. I am running through city alleys in the middle of night and I hear those who follow me behind. My mentor did mention of not ticking them off and for a change that old geezer was right, but he did forget to mention that they are very athletic and like to use the spies they catch as pincushions, except that the pins are knives and unlike the cushion I feel pain.
Soon I notice that the turn I just took is a dead end, or so it would seem to anyone who isn't initiated in some of the secrets of this city. I press hidden button in my belt, hearing how my pursuers are closing rapidly, I know the time is cutting short. In the instant I press the button ground beneath my legs disappear and I fall and just before my pursuers turn in the dead end the ground appears again above me. I am in a small man fitting hole and I hear how the pursuers yell at each other's until they notice that a small door leading to the apartment complex is open and go through there.
I wait a while before pre
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 5
DE: Battle of Lisbon Episode 2
21. September. 2452 07:56 GMT
Soldier: Captain John 'Panzer' McConnor
Job: Company Commanding Officer
Unit: 3rd MBT Company of 2nd Battalion in 1st Mechanized division
As my company gets closer to city harbor the defensive fire comes more intense but it is mostly small arms fire so my M50 Zeilin MBT is safe from even KE rail guns or small caliber mass drivers. The artillery changed its target from us to the IFVs behind us. I guess fighters were pretty badly beaten as they haven't made another flight yet.
Thanks to Anti-Gravitation technology we can move 70 mph above water level towards ramps in harbor. Our tanks don't need tracks but we have them in case of malfunctions in AG generator. Suddenly my radio wakes up and receives dozens of distress messages. I have to ignore them as we are too close to harbor to change direction and besides there are other armored units heading in their direction, Marines would just need to hold on for less than minute for other armor units and another for
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 3 9
Damned Earth Battle of Lisbon
21. September. 2452 07:48 GMT
Soldier: Private 1st class Thomas Hill
Job: Medic
Unit: 3rd Marine platoon of 1st company in 7th Marine Battalion.
I sit in the furthest corner of this landing boat to avoid first hails from possible machine gun fire. As everyone else I am bit afraid of the upcoming battle but I do it so that I would get to bind wounds of the wounded instead of treating myself. We hear how Lieutenant gives us briefing for one last time before hitting the shore.
"According to Int-Ops Lisbon has been evacuated of all civilians and local forces have created several strong defensive points all over city so that they would hold out until reinforcements would arrive. Also defenses in city harbor are believed to be extremely strong, but fleet has it's carriers in maximum alert to back us up…" His words get shadowed beneath sudden artillery fire around us.  I notice lieutenant to raise his head so that he could see what's happening in there. Then he starts yelling.
:iconjaegerofice:Jaegerofice 2 13
Young Duke
It has been a year since I joined in the ranks of kingdom of Sami. In that year I’ve trained and participated in nation’s actions and discussion by my best ability. Now I am a shiida of shire Oulu where I ruled one small village as my fief. Now I rule all three villages in it.
But I can’t help it to watch in south, in the lands where I arrived here. My oldest memory is when I see my village burning from hill fortress near that village. At older age my father taught me to hunt and fight and often when the raiders did not attack, I fought against other kids from same and nearby villages. Our lives were not this easy I’m now having but we were happy. Sometimes a trader from far away stopped by to trade our furs and weapons for something he had bought far away, once he had a strange man in odd costume the trader asked for someone to house him and teach him our language so that he could tell of his land and faith and asked counter only for that we would tell of us. Trade
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I now have the bare minimun of requrements done to work as security guard(telescopic baton gets added to resume once my knee gets better, fucker started to act up again, in the mean time I'll just use regular batton or pepper spray). But thanks to how this education is supposed to go, I'll be studying more untill February... Probably mostly more law texts and more depth to what we've allready gone through.

Fun fact I can defend myself from unjustified attack by using force measures. In a way I can argue that trying to convert me can be counted as an asssault as it is unjustified attack on my right of "Freedom of religion" :P. Although I doupt that usingf force would actulally fly through.


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